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It was another great showing for five members of the Parkland Gators Swim Club at the Spring and Distance meet at the Pan Am Pool.

Meredith Cottrell
50m backstroke - 24th
50m breaststroke - 17th
50m freestyle - 23rd

Roman Polovinka
50m backstroke - 12th
50m breaststroke - 18th
50m freestyle - 24th (Achieved Provincial 'A' time)

Polly Fjeldsted
50m backstroke - 8th (Achieved Provincial 'A' time)
50m breaststroke - 27th
50m freestyle - 30th

Frankie Fjeldsted
50m backstroke - 4th
50m freestyle - 20th

Evan Favel
50m backstroke - 37th
50m freestyle - 41st