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It was a great weekend of curling as the Dauphin Curling Club hosted its ladies bonspiel.

Team Kropelnicki ended up being the last team standing as they beat Team Scott in a great back and forth championship game. Morgan was joined by Leanne Urbanovitch, Tamara Kolida, and Andrea Smelski.

Playing on Avery Scott's team was Lisa Hale, Brandi Graham, and Pam Scott.

1st in Second Event:
Bev Hess
Linda Kitching
Gail Tycholes
Joan McKinnon

2nd in the Second Event:
Therese Deah
Kerri Wieler
Myrna fox
Martha Messinbird

1st in the Third Event:
Heather Bartmanovich
Nadine Soloway
Carmen Rodgerson
Wendy McDonald

2nd in the Third Event:
Alex Zurba
Courtney VanAlstyne
Easton Hedley
Megan Landsborough