The Manitoba AAA U18 Hockey League was hoping to get on the ice in the next few weeks. However, that isn't the case after Manitoba extended its restrictions when it comes to recreational sports and facilities in the province.

As a result, the league has sent a letter to the government addressing their concerns.


"I think there was some optimism within the hockey community for facilities to open, so this is disappointing," said Levi Taylor, Commissioner. "Within the next three weeks, we very well could see some facilities removing their ice."

Taylor says the message extends beyond hockey as well. He continued by saying the league remains committed to salvaging some time of a season; however, there are many question marks on how they would do that.

The restrictions will take us to nearly the middle of February and at that point, the league requires a 10 to 14-day practice period for teams. Games at that point wouldn't begin until late next month.

"We are looking at every option possible and we will do our best to return to the ice when we're allowed to do so," ended Taylor.

The last game played in the province was more than two months ago.