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This year's edition of the Westman High School Hockey League's Dauphin Clippers is beginning to take shape.

This weekend the club is heading to Carberry for an exhibition tournament.

Last year the Clippers were a very strong team that had a disappointing exit to the post season.

Head Coach Dallas Drysdale says this year they still expect to be pretty competitive.

"We're gonna be on the high side of the middle of the pack this year. We're not gonna be bad by any means. We're a little smaller than we have been over the last few years so we're gonna have to figure out how to play to our speed and strengths that way. We won't be able to hit and intimidate like we have in past years. We have this tournament this weekend so we're hoping to get a look at what the rest of the league will be bringing to the table this season."

Drysdale says he has a lot of players to lean on this season. With about four spots open at the start of the year, the Clippers have a lot of returning guys including Dylan Ushkowski.

"We're gonna lean on Dylan a lot this year, a few other guys as well including Brendan Kruk, Josh Yaschyshyn and Nolan Sokolan. Those guys are all in Grade 12 plus Cole Richot. Those skaters will be playing lots this year on forward so they should be putting up points."

The Clippers begin their journey at the Wildcat Tournament Friday afternoon at 1:00pm when they take on the Boissevain Broncos. In total the Clippers could play four games this weekend. Listen to 730 CKDM for updates!

For the full interview with Dallas Drysdale and Jason Alf listen to the One Hour Power Play Show this Friday (October 16) on 730 CKDM. It'll be live from MR MIKES in Dauphin and starts at 4:00pm.