Manitoba will continue to observe daylight savings time.

The bill to end the time change twice a year was defeated in the Manitoba legislature.

Bill 205 The Official Time Amendment Act was voted down with 34 to 5.

 Cliff Graydon, the Member of the Legislature for Emerson introduced the bill after several constituents raised the issue.

In a release, Graydon says Manitobans are talking about the issue. Citing recent surveys done by 730ckdm and the Winnipeg Sun finding 72% and 73% of Manitobans support ending daylight savings time.

“The time change is disruptive,” said Mr. Graydon, who was convinced to bring forward this bill after discovering that the time change caused increases in traffic accidents, heart attacks, mental health cases, and workplace injuries. “I felt the people of Manitoba should enter the future and discontinue this disruptive practice.”

Graydon says the government’s argument for defeating the bill was that any move to change the time would have to be done at the same time as other jurisdictions.