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An organizer for the crocus photo contest says they have received a record number of submissions this year.

It is census time, and you are legally required to participate.

In an effort to expose as many college and Universities as possible to the youth here in the Parkland, the Dauphin Community Youth Ministry is putting on a Post-Secondary School Fair.

Canada's National Ukrainian Festival is putting on a fundraiser dance to raise money to replace artifacts, first aid kits and much more that was lost in a fire that burned down their office back in October.

RCMP are investigating a break and enter in Dauphin.

The City of Dauphin is going to be increasing its roads repair budget after a rough winter.

In addition to areas laid out by the province, another Parkland municipality has issued a fire ban of its own.

Roblin Ford is setting up shop at Goose Lake High School on Saturday to help raise funds for the school's humanitarian initiatives.

Two men have been arrested in connection with a homicide in Thompson.

This afternoon a semi that was pulling gasoline and diesel collided with a car on the corner of 2nd Avenue & Main Street North.