According to the province, there have been 479 new cases of COVID-19 identified since Friday.

130 cases on Friday, 90 cases on Saturday, 114 cases Sunday, 79 cases Monday, and 66 cases today.

Of the 479 cases, the breakdown according to region reads as so:

  • 42 cases in the Interlake-Eastern health region;
  • 106 cases in the Northern health region;
  • 68 cases in the Prairie Mountain Health region;
  • 161 cases in the Southern Health-Santé Sud health region; and
  • 102 cases in the Winnipeg health region.

Public Health officials note that of today's cases:

  • Eight are in the Prairie Mountain Health region
  • Three are in the Interlake-Eastern Health region
  • Seven are in the Northern Health region
  • 24 are in the Southern Health–Santé Sud health region
  • 24 are in the Winnipeg Health region

Manitoba reports that 34 of today's cases are from unvaccinated people, eight from partially vaccinated people, and 24 from fully vaccinated people. 

Dauphin still has one active case of the virus in the city.

The numbers of active cases in other Parkland health districts are:

Riding Mountain (1), Swan River (3), Duck Mountain (9), Porcupine Mountain (3), Agassiz Mountain (3), Asessippi (13), Little Saskatchewan (2), Whitemud (0). Brandon has 63 active cases.

In the Interlake, the Eriksdale/Ashern health district has four active cases. The Fisher/Peguis district has 17 active cases.

The current five-day test positivity rate is 3.9 percent provincially. 1,920 laboratory tests were completed yesterday.

There are 928 active COVID-19 cases in the province.

48 Manitobans are hospitalized with active COVID-19.

11 Manitobans are in intensive care units with active COVID-19.