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The ALS Society of Manitoba says this month is their most important month of the year.
June is ALS Awareness month, and executive director Diana Rasmussen says they'll be busy with several events.
While nothing is currently planned for the Parkland area, Rasmussen says they're willing to help people interested in starting something for this region.
"If they want to start something like a walk for ALS, it doesn't have to be in June, we sometimes have done them later in the year. We would support them to get a walk for ALS going in the Dauphin area, and we'd certainly be happy to come out and do an event or work with someone if they want to do an event in the Dauphin area."
Rasmussen says one of their main goals for this promotion is to let all Manitobans know about the help they provide to people affected by ALS.
"We can connect with them. All they need to do is connect with us and we will come out. We don't just work from our offices, we come out to the area directly. We go all over the province and work with clients and families. We bring them resources, if they need equipment we bring it to them or we can get it to them and we actually come out and do education sessions and support groups with families in area."
Rasmussen says people in the Parkland area looking to start a fundraising event for the society, can contact them by phoning (204) 831-1510, or by visiting their website alsmb.ca