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The last Dauphin and District Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Education Series of the year is behind us.
Richard Bankert spoke to a crowd of 15 people at Dauphin's Super 8 this morning about e-commerce and expanding business online.
Bankert says he followed the game plan, but with so many different businesses, there are surely things that weren't covered.
"Every business is so different that there's going to be just tons of things that weren't covered that could have been covered, or discussed, or talked about, so depending on what your business is and what your doing and your goals, or maybe goals that you should have that you haven't even thought about-- having those conversations and starting to entertain those ideas is a good way to figure all of that out."
Bankert referred to a survey on Internet shopping done by the Chamber at Dauphin's business expo. Forty-four people were polled, and 55.81 per cent of them said they research online and purchase local; 41.86 per cent said they research and shop local; 18.6 per cent said they research and buy online; and 9.3 per cent said they research local and buy online.
He discussed the importance of good content, good customer service, and a good user interface.
Although the breakfast series is done until next year, the Chamber still has its AGM and Change Over Ceremony luncheon on June 9.