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Kids, parents, and organizers will be hitting Manitoba's roads and ditches tomorrow to participate in 4H's annual highway spring clean-up campaign.


A fundraising effort between 4H and the provincial government, the group collected more than 2,100 bags of trash last year, raising almost $13,000 for 4H projects.

Clayton Robins, executive director with the 4H Council of Manitoba, says the kids really enjoy helping in the campaign and recognize the community service effort.

"When the weather's nice like it's going to be tomorrow it's actually a relatively enjoyable day. Some years it's not quite so cooperative, but tomorrow looks like a really good day. It also gives them a real appreciation of the issue around littering and what it does to the environment and just general aesthetics of their community and everything. So it provides them a much better understanding and after spending a few hours cleaning ditches and that you'd be surprised how many say, 'Boy I'm never throwing anything out of the car window again.'"

Robins says about 40 clubs from throughout Manitoba have signed up for this years campaign.