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The RM of Lakeshore is looking to take on some projects it couldn't in previous years due to flooding and high-water.
Reeve Clinton Cleave spoke to CKDM about their 2015 financial plan today and discussed mill rates, infrastructure projects, and capital purchases.
One of the projects discussed was work to be done on Turkey Trail, which Cleave says is getting a major lift.
"It is a road that joins the two former RMs. Due to the flooding in 2011, that road was underwater; it sustained a lot of damage. We'd just like to get that road actually built up a little higher, just to basically-- just to give us a little more wiggle room, should you say, if the water was ever to be high again."
Other roads seeing work done this year include Spence Lake Road, Abrey Road, and Magnet Pit Road.
Cleave says with amalgamation council is looking after a much larger area with a much larger budget.