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Don't be alarmed when rec service officials allow tent caterpillars this year to do some feeding on City of Dauphin trees.
The general manager for Dauphin Rec Services says that's part of the process, as the worms have to ingest the pesticide.
Terry Payne says recent cold temperatures could also help control the worm population this year.
"With the cooler evenings, it's actually good to see some of them come out a little early. The cold will slow them down and if we get a little bit of a cold snap some night it might even eliminate some of the early ones when they're small."
Payne encourages Dauphinites who need to fight the worms at home to buy some BTK from your local garden supply store.
He says you can use malathion, but doesn't recommend it because it will kill all insects in your yard-- even the good ones.