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The Dauphin Fire Department isn't going to be shy about showing off its new aerial ladder truck.


Fire chief Cam Abrey gave an update to Dauphin City Council last night.

When asked if the DFD would hold a special celebration when the new truck arrives, Abrey joked they did something similar when the tanker showed up.

"When it arrived into town we said to the public that we're going to have an open house and we had the driver that was delivering it turn the lights and sirens on and bring it down the road for us. Unfortunately, the only ones who showed up were some of the firefighters and their families, but you know, the fire department, the fire station is always open to the public. If anybody is interested in seeing any of our apparatus we welcome the visits."

Abrey says once the truck is in town, firefighters will receive two days of training on the equipment from E-1 representatives.

The truck is expected to arrive some time around the end of June/early July.