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A highway in the Parkland has ended up in the top ten list for Manitoba's worst road.
Highway 274 near Gilbert Plains finished ninth in the campaign that was run by CAA Manitoba.
Angele Young from CAA Manitoba says there was a tight race for the number one spot on the list.
"It was a very close competition until the dying hours yesterday. I was watching and PR 280 and St. James were really neck and neck, but PR 280 ended up pulling out in front, if we can call it that, and has been deemed the worst road in Manitoba this year."
The top ten went as follows:
1. PR 280 - Gillam
2. St. James Street - Winnipeg
3. Ness Avenue - Winnipeg
4. Empress Street - Winnipeg
5. 1st Street - Winnipeg
6. PR 450 - Deloraine
7. Pembina Highway - Winnipeg
8. Scurfield Boulevard - Winnipeg
9. PR 274 - Gilbert Plains
10. Archibald Street - Winnipeg