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As farmers begin their spring seeding, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association says motorists should be careful about large farm machinery travelling on the roads.
Glen Blahey, agricultural safety and health specialist with the CASA, says there are some things motorists need to understand and recognize when the machines are out on the roads.
"It's a large piece of equipment. Typically it's moving slower then what they typically travel at, and the motorists may be dazzled by the size of the equipment and not recognize the warning lights or the signal lights indicating the direction of turn of that equipment. Patience on the part of motorists is really important. When you compare the size of your automobile to the size of the equipment and the weight of the equipment, the automobile is going to loose in that collision."
Blahey says it's also important for farmers to have all the necessary protective equipment for handling chemicals, and for farmers to have effective strategies for managing stress during the planting season, such as frequent rest and hydration.