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The Valley Hotel in Swan River has been bought by the Sapotewayak Cree Nation Development Corporation.
Chief of the Sapotewayek Cree Nation, Nelson Genaille says it was posted as a tax sale.
"The business itself was closed down, so we followed a process with the Town Of Swan River and it ended up being a bidding process, and we bid on it and we were successful."
Genaille says they are currently exploring some options for the new building.
"Currently doing a business plan and exploring three business models. One is a hotel, one is a gas bar and the other one is an office. We are waiting to see which one going to make the better business."
They started the demolition about 10 days ago, and part of the sales condition was that they have to have the whole building teared down by June 30th. But he is hoping to have everything up and running by August.


They are demolishing the building right now, and they have 3 business ideas in place but haven't picked one out yet.