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Student's at Gilbert Plains Collegiate Institute were given a presentation that they will never forget.
 Robb Nash, who is a motivational speaker, came to GPCI and talked about his life-threatening accident and how it made him have anger, self-doubt and depression, but after working through it all he found hope and strength, and he inspires students to do the same in life through his music.
Emerson Tycholes, Grade 12 student and member of the Philanthropy group says she got the idea in wanting to bring him to the school as she's seen him perform at WE Day in Winnipeg a few times.
"But I wanted to do something for our school that would have an impact and you know to get everyone out of class and have fun."
Tycholes also says the Philanthropy group has been wanting to do a mini "We Day" but couldn't due to a time frame, but she was glad that Nash could come anyways to make an impact.
"I just thought that he was the perfect person to come in to our school because he has such a wide variety of things that he talks about and covers a lot of topics and I thought that was important."
Nash doesn't charge money for his presentations, but the Philanthropy group went around Gilbert and asked for donations, and they ended up giving Nash $225.