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Gilbert Plains Homecoming is coming up in July, and they are still in need of some more volunteers.
They held a volunteer drive on Monday and Co-Chair for Homecoming, Reba Meyer had a good turn out, but they are still needing more volunteers.
Meyer says they need help in the kid zone mainly.
"Probably more for supervision and maybe some hands on activity help, which we are working in conjunction with the Ag society."

She also mentioned that they need more people for registration, the medieval feast, decorating in the rodeo arena, and put up and take down for the family street dance.
Meyer says they put this homecoming on every 10 years and it's she looks forward to for the community.
"It means bringing together people, to have fun and visit. We can showcase Gilbert Plains too with everything that's going on, and how great living in a small community is."
If anyone is interested in volunteering, you are to contact Reba Meyer at 548-2083.

 Homecoming is from July 6th-10th.