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The lifting of a provincial ban on farmers applying fertilizer to their crops is getting a positive reaction from one farmers group that was looking to get the ban lifted.
Representatives from the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers, Manitoba Beef Producers and Keystone Agricultural Producers had talks with Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship about getting the ban lifted early this year.
CAAR President and CEO Delaney Ross Burtnack says they weren't expecting the decision to come down so quickly.
"I take it that the warm weather in the last few days has warmed up the soil temperature a little faster then we had expected in our meeting on Monday. It's definitely great news for farmers that they can get into the fields another 10 or so days earlier than they otherwise would've been able to."
Had the ban not been lifted, farmers wouldn't be allowed to apply fertilizer to their crops until April 11.
Ross Burtnack says today announcement by the province will ease some of the spring work load for farmers this year.