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Two popular Manitoban dance groups are hoping their talents will bring smiles to two First Nations plagued by suicides.
Asham Stompers and Sagkeeng's Finest will be giving a free performance in Manitoba's Cross Lake First Nation in June, and are trying to get a date for Attawapiskat in Northwest Ontario.
Manager Arnold Asham says he's had trouble connecting with people in the community, but believes a performance would help lift up the communities that have fallen on difficult times.
"Let's say we did it next weekend, for a week, they would have something to look forward to and it would give them some hope. That's really what we're trying to do."
Getting to Cross Lake will not be a problem, but it is not so easy for Attawapiskat. The remote reserve in nearly inaccessible by land, so the troops would have to fly in.
Asham says that can get really expensive.
"We have a bout 12-15 people, and we'd like to take our big show there because, you know, it's Fiddler and the whole bit, and it's Sagkeeng's Finest. It's probably going to cost about $30,000."
Despite the cost, Asham believes this is the right thing to do. Once they have a confirmed date for Attawapiskat, he looks to set up a Go Fund Me page. Even if enough money can not be raised, Asham says he will put up any remaining cost himself.
Sagkeeng's Finest won the TV competition show Canada's Got Talent back in 2012.