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You'll soon be able to take Brandon University classes right here in Dauphin.

Starting in September 2016, the school will offer a variety of courses to act as a stepping stone for programs in the faculties of arts, sciences, and education.

Dauphin Mayor Eric Irwin says being able to take classes in town will be a huge benefit to local students.

"We very much appreciate Brandon University’s partnership in providing more opportunities for students and professors in Dauphin and in saving families thousands of dollars for accommodations for first-year students who would otherwise have to move to Brandon or Winnipeg."

Brandon University President Dr. Gervan Fearon says this is being done to help prepare for the future.

"Many of the jobs being created today require university or college education and training. The partnership between the City of Dauphin and Brandon University reflects our shared effort to meet student needs and contribute to community growth and development."

Irwin adds that this has been a work in progress for four years, and he's happy to see it finally become a reality.

A public information session will be held at city hall Thursday, April 7 at 6pm.