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There is a new face at Gilbert Plains Municipality.

Since February 29, 2016 Julie Russell took over as the municipalities Community Development Officer. She is originally from Sinclair, MB. She went to the University of Brandon then transferred to the University of Regina to obtain her Bachelor of Science.

Russell knew after getting her degree she wanted to settle down in the parkland area, since her family has a cabin in Duck Mountain where she spent a lot of time at.

She says that she is loving her job and that she has lot's of ideas to bring to the table.

"I'm hoping to work closely with the community, all age groups and kind of figure out exactly what they want to see in terms of programs or just progress that I can help make in Gilbert Plains."

Her previous work experience was with the Saskatchewan government as a Community Planner. 

Russell has already started a few projects

"We are kind of working on hopefully getting a community kitchen into our hall for food production so that's kind of what I am working on with the hall and that's kind of been my time right now , doing grants for that. Busy with grants."

She is also working on a recycling project, as well as putting out surveys and getting feedback from people in the community to see what people would like to see in Gilbert Plains.