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The Chamber of Commerce had their award luncheon today where they announced the winners for their awards.
The winner for the Community Appreciation Group Award was the RIDE Program.
John Shuttleworth, coordinator for the RIDE Program says the award would not be possible without the help of his volunteers.
"I'm proud that we won that award. And its not my award, there's 50 other people involved, that's their award too. The RIDE program wouldn't work without all the volunteers."
Don Tarrant, owner of Reit-Syd Equipment, took home the Business Person of the Year Award. 
Tarrant says that he is honored to have been given the award.
"I was surprised to get it. I mean, certainly the other three candidates were very very good candidates. I was very pleased that I was chosen. I think that they are all very excellent and all deserving of it."
Tarrant was also the recipient for the Ron Brook Award at the Dauphin Ag Society's Ag Outlook 2016 last week.
The Community Appreciation Award for Individual went to Loreen Husband. She was unable to attend the luncheon, but she made a thank you video that was presented to everyone.