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The Henderson Elementary School jump rope team is going to be jumping to a school near you!
The team is sponsored by the Heart and Stroke Foundation where they tour all across the Parkland and Westman area to different schools where they will promote heart healthy habits, like skipping.
Jonah Goodine, who's in grade six, is one of the newest members to the team this year!
"It's good exercise and you learn new things with skipping. Lot's of my friends are in it, and it just seemed like a fun thing!"
This is the 10th year the school has had the team. 
Three year veteran for the jump rope team, Malikye Beauchamp says, that he like's going on tour and being part of the team. 
"We represent Heart and Stroke Foundation, so that's why we go on tours a lot. And it's pretty fun and it's really good exercise too!"
They kick off their tour in April by going to the schools on the reserves in the Parkland area.