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If you haven't seen the documentary on the Dauphin Train Station... well now is your chance!
The Dauphin Public Library will be playing the documentary in relation to their displays that have been set up about the Dauphin Rail Museum, which will be taken down soon.
Director of the Dauphin Public Library, Jean-Louis Guillas says it's important to showcase our town in many ways as possible. 
''So much of our culture is carried in a visual medium you know, through movies or documentaries. That's the way many people are used to getting their information about things. So this is why it's so vitally important for us to tell our own stories."
Cademon Malowany, producer and director of the film says he's always pleased that people are still reacting to his creation.
"It's always satisfying when you create a piece of work, whether its a film or a art of any kind. And one of the most exciting things for me whenever I produce or film is to see how people react, and people have been very very enthusiastic."
The film is playing this Thursday at 7pm at the Dauphin Library.