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The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says Manitobans want a direct say concerning any major tax changes.
A poll conducted by NRG Research Group for the CFIB found 72 per cent of 350 respondents either somewhat or strongly agree there should be a referendum for any proposal aimed at raising major taxes.
Elliot Sims, the CFIB's provincial director for Manitoba, says people in this province want to be consulted directly and be able to cast their ballot on those issues.
"What this confirms is that Manitobans still believe that when there are major changes proposed to their tax system, they want to have a direct say on how that change goes through or if it does at all."
Sims says the CFIB is concerned about any musings from candidates and elected officials about increasing personal tax rates, and will be asking all party leaders to commit in writing that they will hold a referendum before bringing in any tax measure that will increase the PST or personal tax rates on Manitobans.