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Everything outdoors will be on display this week in The Pas for the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival.
The parade is happening tonight, and there are plenty of other things to do over the next couple days, including trapping competitions, pole climbing, dog races, helicopter rides, snowboard shows.
Festival Director Sonny "The Legend" Lavallee says it is important to remember the history and heritage of trappers.
"It's just unreal what they're able to do with so little. We're trying to maintain that culture and heritage by doing the events here. There's not many trappers here anymore, but there's still a few that do trapping."
Lavallee says one of his favourite events is the dog sled races.
"If you've never seen a mass-start dog race with, say, up to 30 teams taking off at the same time, it's such a rush. There's so much excitement. You get up to 300 dogs all barking at the same time trying to go."
All events are free to watch.