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The McCreary History Book Committee is looking for current and former residents to submit their own photos and stories.
They are working on reviving Milestones and Memories, and will be putting together a second volume of the town's history book, More Milestones and Memories.
Committee Chair Lucien Divers says it is important for people to come forward with their own stories.
"There's a lot of research to be done there. This is how you find out what's evolved over the years, and especially on homesteads on the farmlands and that, and the changeovers that's happened over the years. It's quite interesting. We need to encourage people to leave those histories behind."
Divers says orders can be placed for Volume 1, which goes up until 1990, and for Volume 2 now. He says more orders will bring down their cost, which will end up lowering the price to buy it.
If you would like to place an order, or contribute to Milestones and Memories, you can go to the McCreary Municipal Office.