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The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says the country's small businesses are hurting.
That is why they are lobbying the federal government today for changes to help businesses thrive, and will be doing so with the Manitoba government soon.
Manitoba Provincial Affairs Minister Elliot Sims says many of the businesses they represent say they want a reduction in CPP premiums, but the federal government is moving in a different direction.
"Right now, the federal government is moving forward with potential mandatory hikes to CPP premiums, which would affect both employers and employees, and could cost up to $1,000 per year for employers and employees."
Sims says their recommendations will help increase confidence among business owners.
"If businesses are confident in the provincial economy and the direction that the [government] is setting for it, they'll invest in their businesses, they will create jobs, and that creates prosperity for all Manitobans."
CFIB's seven recommendations to the federal government include: reducing the small business tax rate, saying no to CPP/QPP premium hikes, making the Employment Insurance program more fair for employers, reducing red tape, simplifying the way businesses work with Canada Revenue Agency, making it easier for family-owned businesses to pass on ownership to another generation, and reforming public sector wages, benefits and pensions.