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The preparations for next year's edition of Canada's National Ukranian Festival will be one of the topics covered at tonight's AGM for CNUF.
 President David Katcsma says now that they've been able to set up their office, they can now focus on the other aspects of the festival.
"As far as entertainment, we're working on that too. We have our Sunday headliner already signed up, that's the Kozak System from Ukraine. We're working on some dance groups and some other bands that we're going to be having at our festival."
Katcsma says they're looking build upon the strong crowds they had at the festival this year.
"Being the 50th anniversary last year, at our festival we had a tremendous crowd of people. We had a lot of people who were keenly interested in coming back and having some more fun weekends and enjoying the festival with us again."
Tonight's meeting starts at 7 PM at their office at 17 third avenue northeast.