A 2nd confirmed case of COVID-19 is being reported in Pine Creek First Nation, a day after a lockdown was put into effect by the chief and council in response to a self-confirmed case in the community.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Pine Creek First Nation Chief Karen Batson shared reports of a 2nd confirmed case in the community.

A letter sent out to the community on Thursday states no community members will be allowed to leave until the lockdown is lifted — with exceptions for work and medical emergencies.

The letter also says health staff have been in contact with the individual, who is now self-isolating, and have completed the contact tracing process.

Pine Creek First Nation Chief and Council will be closing offices and the school until further notice.

Check stops will be placed at each road coming into the community starting Thursday evening, and the letter says Duck Bay community members will be escorted through the community and not allowed to stop anywhere in Pine Creek.

Community members in Pine Creek First Nation are being told to stay in their homes and not visit other homes — and that safety officers will be handing out fines for non-compliance.

The Chief and Council say the lockdown will be reassessed on Monday, Jan. 25th.