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The Canada's National Ukrainian Festival office has found a new home in downtown Dauphin.
President David Katscma says the new location is in the Plaza off Main at 17 3rd Avenue Northeast.
He says they were looking for a place that would be convenient for customers and they needed an office space -- tickets for CNUF 2016 go on sale December 1.
The CNUF office and shop was destroyed along with Cuts Ahead and Corrina's on Main in the Dauphin Village Mall fire.
Katscma is thanking all supporters and anyone who's helped them get back.
"The fire was quite devastating and it did kind of wipe out everything we ever had, but with the support with the community and the volunteers, I know we can do this, and definitely we're going on with the festival and we're going to move on and keep going forward."
Katscma says the new location looks feasible as a place to call home, but it's currently a trial basis, and they'll see what happens in the coming months.
They're currently focused on getting furniture and setting up computers and phones. Katscma says it will take some time for the shop and boutique.