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A Dauphin group is making scarves to hang on some city trees so people who want to use them can take them.
Elaine Gendreau is a part of that group and knits scarves using a rectangular loom.
She says it's a good thing to do, making scarves for her family and for others.
"If somebody's walking in town here (and) the scarf around them can keep them nice and warm, I'm happy."
Chase the Chill is inviting all knitters and crocheters to join them at the Dauphin Senior Centre at 6 on October 27, November 3, and November 24.
Leanne Marceniuk, who started the Dauphin Chase the Chill chapter, says they will be making and collecting scarves until the end of November, then they will appear on trees, stay up for a weekend, and then what's remaining will be given to organizations for distribution.