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Residents of some Parkland personal care homes are getting volunteer-made touch quilts.
Parkland regional coordinator for the Alzheimer's Society of Manitoba Wanda Sime says a touch quilt is a quilt comprised of pieces of different materials that provides tactile stimulation for people living with dementia.
"There's fuzzy stuff, sometimes it's really smooth and silky, and it's got different textures. And it's the size of about two by three, it's just like a lap cover."
The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba's Touch Quilt Project is presenting the Grandview Personal Care Home with 38 touch quilts tomorrow. Touch quilts are later being provided to a Benito care home and a care home in Gilbert Plains.
Sime says it's all volunteers who cut the material to create the packages and volunteers sew it together. Anyone interested in creating quilts can get a hold of her.
She says the Fork River Women's Institute has done a few quilts for this area.
The goal is to give every individual in personal care homes a touch quilt.