Bill 29, otherwise known as the Wildlife Amendment Act, is being introduced by the province.

The basis of the bill is to create a safer and more ethical hunting environment.

The provincial government consulted with First Nations and Metis communities on the changes.

Rochelle Squires, Minister of Sustainable Development, explains the reaction to the use of spotlights during night hunting.

“It’s certainly divided. There are some members who do not believe in the practice of blinding an animal in the dead of night and killing it because it’s an easy target.  They do not believe in that practice and they do not want to see that practice continue.  There are others who certainly do want to ensure that their rights are not eroded and I want to be very clear that our government take Indigenous rights very seriously.  We have done extensive consultations and we’re going to be working with them on an ongoing collaborative process with our Indigenous leaders because we do believe that collaboration is the way to go to get the results we need.”

The bill introduces the use of permits to allow Indigenous people in the south to hunt at night and those in the north would not need a permit.

Night hunting is prohibited to those who don’t have treaty or first nation hunting rights.