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It’s scheduled to begin at 9:30 on Thursday at the Friendship Centre. Jessica Dumas the Manitoba Regional Coordinator for Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada talks about what you can hear and learn when you attend.

“The presentation by Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada on what they are doing and seeing throughout Canada with regards to Indigenous tourism. And what are other people doing across Canada and getting a better idea of what are some of the opportunities that Manitobans are seeing here. And Travel Manitoba will be talking about the marketing work they do. And then there is an opportunity for us, and we’re still looking for more speakers, some of them are existing entrepreneurs who are already doing tourism businesses and talking about what their experiences have been like. And then receiving feedback on, in order for you to be successful what types of supports do you need.”

Anyone who is interested in learning about tourism opportunities or who is a tourism business owner can attend the conference.

You can still register by going to https://aboriginalcanada.ca/corporate/manitoba-indigenous-tourism-regional-forums/ or by phoning Dumas at 204-770-7569.