Yesterday was the annual Heritage Days Fair at the Dauphin Marketplace Mall.

The fair had displays from various organizations showcasing the history of Dauphin and surrounding communities.

The fair showcased items such as pioneer tools, toys, and collectibles from organizations including the Fort Dauphin Museum, Dauphin Rail Museum, and Dauphin Family History Group, and much more.

Bert Parsons of the Dauphin Agricultural Heritage Club said that the fair helps people learn about what life was like in the past.

“It’s good for the young children to see the way life used to be years ago. It’s quite a change from today. It’s just nice to be out here and talk to people about our stuff.”

Randal Townsend from Townsend Collection said it’s important to preserve memories and information from the past.

“I think the past has a lot to offer. Everything was simplistic way back then. It was a developing time for communities to grow, and it’s good to have memories and good times.”