At this week’s city council meeting, it was discussed what to do now and in the coming days in regards to the province’s announcement to close the Dauphin Correctional Centre.

The decision was made for the city to continue its efforts from two angles.

The city will continue to fight to keep the 80 jobs in the Parkland.

Dauphin will continue to join neighbouring communities to lobby the province, and on Monday’s meeting, a resolution was passed to ask the province to amend the timeline of the closure and to participate in consultations for the development of a new rehabilitation facility in the area.

Parkland municipalities are meeting today to continue their efforts to work together to bring about these changes.

Dauphin will also continue with efforts on economic development projects and seek special help from the province for support and incentives to bring in new commercial and industrial opportunities.

Council says it’s their responsibility to continue to fight the province on the decision to close the jail without a joint announcement to open another facility. But adds that it’s also their responsibility to expand economic development prospects and create employment opportunities.