This year's Louis Riel Day is being celebrated with a variety of events in Dauphin and the surrounding areas.

Tomorrow there will be activities at the Kinosota community centre starting at 10am including a pancake breakfast, sleigh rides, and a silent auction.

There will also be live music as well as bannock and stew at the McCreary Community Centre starting at 5pm.

Sunday there is a supper and entertainment at the Ste. Rose Community Centre starting at 4:30.

Monday is the Fort Dauphin Museum’s celebration with live music, bannock, wagon rides, snow taffy, and more.

Vice President of the Dauphin Northwest Metis Office and the MMF Frances Chartrand says the events that are held allow the Metis to share their history and their culture.

“It teaches people about our history and our rich Metis culture and our traditions and our language. So now we will be able to embrace our culture and our history and be able to share it with everyone throughout the province of Manitoba and the region.”

MMF president David Chartrand encourages all people who live in the province to celebrate.

“On behalf of the Metis government and the Metis families and the Metis citizens we want to express a day of celebration for all citizens, not just Metis people from all nationalities. From our perspective we want everyone to have the chance to reflect and one of the pivotal that we’ve always stood for as a Metis nation is family.”