At Manitoba Ag Days, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen announced the creation of a new committee to provide leadership on projects of strategic importance and encourage stakeholders to continue actions to implement the Manitoba Protein Advantage strategy.

Pedersen says the Manitoba Protein Consortium brings together members of the plant and animal protein value chains to provide leadership for a path to position Manitoba as first in class in sustainable protein industry development.

There are three main focuses for the Manitoba Protein Consortium, providing advice to the minister, industry, academia and other stakeholders on implementing the Manitoba Protein Advantage, engaging with stakeholders to define sustainability and create metrics to quantify Manitoba’s sustainability advantage, and ensuring that stakeholders are accountable for specific actions under the Manitoba Protein Advantage.

The Manitoba Protein Consortium supports Manitoba’s Economic Growth Action Plan, which identifies priority areas including the development of targeted sector strategies as a way to foster competitiveness, facilitate growth, identify investment opportunities and address economic barriers in the province.