A Ukrainian film crew was in the Gilbert Plains area for a hockey-related shoot Sunday, January 12.

The crew is filming a documentary here because Ukraine has taken inspiration from Canada for its hockey program.

The video will include kids having a scrimmage while wearing hockey jerseys of players with Ukrainian descent.

This is happening in the Gilbert Plains area because when Zee ran into the producer of the documentary, they were looking for an outdoor venue to shoot the video and Zee said if anybody can pull this off it’s Gilbert Plains because there’s good volunteers and former Dauphin Kings.

The chosen venue is the Wilson River.

Former Dauphin King, Dean Murray has been making sure the ice surface is good to go and he has the directions.

“It’s three miles east of Gilbert Plains on Markham Road, then three-quarters of a mile south, then you turn left into a lane by some spruce trees before you cross the bridge.”