The Mountain View School Division’s policy on cannabis remains the same as edibles will be on the shelves next month.

Superintendent Dan Ward says they’re emphasizing education.

“Talking to students about the potential dangers of cannabis use and in particular edibles. Of course, for anyone under the age of 19, any cannabis use, in terms of acquiring cannabis or using it, is still illegal. That being said, we’re still educating our students on the potential dangers of any cannabis use.”

Ward admits edibles will provide a challenge to determine if a student is using them.

“Typically the principals and teachers are in a good position as they know their students, to determine whether or not a student is intoxicated or under the influence of a drug.”

If a student is caught under the influence, their parents will be contacted and the student could receive a suspension, a referral to the addictions foundation, or ongoing counselling if it’s been determined the student has issues with substance abuse.