The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba was re-elected with a majority government last night, taking 36 seats. The NDP won 18 seats, and the Liberal Party won 3.

It took about an hour and a half after polls closed for the Dauphin constituency to be decided.

Darcy Scheller, with the NDP, took an early lead as the results were coming in, at one point leading by 140 votes. Brad Michaleski then started to take over the polls, and in the end, finished with over half of the votes. He ended up with 4,799 votes (50.5%), while Darcy Scheller received 4,023 (42.4%), and Cathy Scofield-Singh got 674 votes (7.1%). 

The other major ridings in our area saw the PC's win all of them. 
Rick Wowchuk in Swan River, Eileen Clarke in Aggasiz, Greg Nesbitt in Riding Mountain, and Derek Johnson in Interlake-Gimli.
In the party leaders' ridings, PC leader Brian Pallister, NDP leader Wab Kinew, and Liberal Party leader, Dougald Lamont won. Green Party leader James Beddome finished 3rd in his riding.