The Liberals have announced Cathy Scofield-Singh as the MLA candidate in the Dauphin constituency. She’s been living in Ste Rose du Lac since 2001 and she shares what she loves about being in the Parkland.

“I love the vast spaceness of the area, I love the friendliness of the people that live in Ste Rose du Lac and in the Dauphin area, that when you need help there’s always someone around that you can potentially get help from.”

Scofield Singh is a primary care nurse practitioner at the primary health care centre in Ste Rose. In her off time, she likes to watch tv, read books, go for walks with her friends and spend time at Riding Mountain.

There are many issues Scofield Singh would like to address.

“The reality is, they’re all intertwined. Health care access is intertwined with access to mental health, which is intertwined with addictions, and with a rise in addictions comes a rise in crime, which affects all Manitobans.”

She wants better education, proper housing, employment opportunities and fewer cutbacks.

She decided to run after she was asked by Dr John Gerrard.