With the Manitoba general election just a few weeks away, Dauphin Mayor Allen Dowhan outlined what he wants from the next government regardless of who gets elected.

One thing the mayor emphasized was the need for more provincial focus on economic development and maintaining or possibly even growing the population of the Parkland. One way he believes this could be done is through access to the Tax Incentives Program or TIPS.

Dowhan hopes that the steps being taken to improve the medical facilities in the area continue under the next government. He added that the city is happy with the steps taken so far to bring more doctors and better service to the area.

He added that the city will be advocating for a regional airline passenger service. The service would make it easier for Parkland residents to access airports as well as make it easier for prospective entrepreneurs to consider the Parkland as a place to set up shop.

The Manitoba general election will happen on September 10th.

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