Voices of Angels is a fundraiser that promotes local talent while raising money for mood disorders.

The money raised will go towards mood disorders to improve current programs, create new programs, and allow Snitka to travel the Parkland region to help more people.

Eleanor Snitka says there’s still a lot of stigma around mental illnesses just like cancer or diabetes.

“People just don’t understand it and they don’t all get that it’s a real illness. Those of us that live with mental health issues can’t just snap out of it, we have to deal with it and we have to feel that we are accepted by the rest of society.”

Snitka says since it’s the 10th anniversary they are doing something special and there will be new performers. Kamryn and Levi Winters, a jazz combo from the high school directed by a student, Chris and Cheyenne Flett also known as Country Rose, Johnathon Pacey, Jeannette Richot and Esther Fyk.