Manitoba Angel Dresses is an organization that provides bereavement outfits for angel babies.

Jennifer Neiman, Dauphin group leader, says they’ve stocked 95 per cent of rural Manitoba and 100 per cent of Winnipeg funeral homes and hospitals in Manitoba with outfits.

The outfits are made out of donated wedding gowns.

Since they re-organized last year, they’ve turned about 400 gowns into Angel items.

Parents of the angel baby don’t have to pay for the outfits from Manitoba Angel Dresses.

If you would like to make a donation you can go to their website, or call Neiman at 204 638-7672 if you’d like the donation to stay local. They are looking for money, yarn, ribbon, thread, lace, and flannel.

They are also looking for volunteers who can sew, make bracelets, collectors to hold gowns when they open up to receive gowns, and people to package items for distribution. You can go to their website to become a volunteer.

They aren’t accepting new wedding gowns currently.