The Parkland was represented by many cattle producers at the Manitoba Beef Producers AGM this past week.

Brad Michaleski attended the meeting and says some big topics affecting the Parkland included predation and crown land.

“I know livestock, and mixed farm operations are a big part of our Parkland economy. We’re not in the Red River Valley. We have a land base that has a mixture of land qualities. And of course, our broader economy is very much a mixed agriculture zone. I keep harping on that to government.”

One of the resolutions to come out of District 13, which represents the Parkland, included ‘Manitoba Beef Producers lobby the provincial government to move as quickly as possible to revoke the temporary suspension of unit transfers.’

District 10 presented the resolution that 'Manitoba Beef Producers lobby the provincial government to enact clear policies to protect cattle producers from future liability caused by predators harassing their cattle and breaking through fences and finding their way onto roads and highways.'