The Grandview Healthcare Solutions group is fighting to keep the Grandview EMS building open.

the province is using out of province examples to close the EMS building, they are getting out of province research from McMaster University in Hamilton to prove why the EMS building should stay open in Grandview.

Sue Stirling is a part of the Grandview Healthcare Solutions group and she explains why she wants the building to stay open.

“They should keep the EMS building in Grandview because it provides vital services, it’s a cornerstone of the medical services provided in Grandview, and it’s a great benefit to the community and surrounding areas. In addition, keeping the station open, which is attached to the hospital would be cost effective for the government and still allow them to do their geo positioning that they have proposed, around the province.”

The government has done little in acknowledging their efforts, the only thing they did, was set up a meeting in November of 2017, since then, the government has ignored requests for a consultation.