Premier Brian Pallister, along with Ag minister Ralph Eichler, and Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton were in Neepawa for an announcement. The Manitoba government is supporting an expansion project at HyLife Foods Ltd.

The province is supporting the expansion in Neepawa and a new feed mill in the R.M. of Killarney-Turtle Mountain through tax increment financing estimated at $9.5 million over 22 years. 
Manitoba and the Government of Canada provided an additional $2 million to the expansion through Growing Forward 2, a joint-funding program that ensures Canadian producers and processors are able to innovate and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler says investing in rural Manitoba is helping bring jobs to smaller communities.

 “In the last two years, there’s been over 1.1 billion in new investments in agriculture and processing industry in Manitoba. in Manitoba, this is creating economic activity for new jobs here in Manitoba and communities. As well as creating markets for locally grown foods and crops. Hylife investment of 176 million results in 165 new jobs at the company’s processing facility, hog barns, and feed mills.”
“Through this project, there has been a significant positive effect on Manitoba’s economy by using local trades and services during the construction of these facilities. People around the world want more protein and Manitoba is open for business to provide that protein. It’s companies, like Hylife, that position Manitoba pork as high quality, high-value commodity in growing the world market and solidifies Manitoba’s position as leader in the pork processing sector.”

“I wish them continued success and of course all Manitobans are right on side to help provide those jobs, the economy, and the workforce to meet that demand.”

HyLife is the largest hog production company in Canada and among the top 15 in North America.